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Las cookies son pequeños archivos de texto que los sitios web que usted visita colocan en su ordenador. Los sitios web utilizan cookies para ayudar a los usuarios a navegar de manera eficiente y realizar ciertas funciones. Las cookies que se requieren para que el sitio web funcione correctamente se pueden configurar sin su permiso. Todas las demás cookies deben aprobarse antes de que se puedan configurar en el navegador.

  • Cookies estrictamente necesarias. Las cookies estrictamente necesarias permiten la funcionalidad principal del sitio web, como el inicio de sesión de usuario y la gestión de cuentas. El sitio web no se puede utilizar correctamente sin las cookies estrictamente necesarias.
  • Cookies de rendimiento. Las cookies de rendimiento se utilizan para ver cómo los visitantes utilizan el sitio web. Por ejemplo: cookies analíticas. Este tipo de cookies no se pueden utilizar para identificar directamente a un determinado visitante.
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  • Cookies de funcionalidad. Las cookies de funcionalidad se utilizan para recordar la información de los visitantes en el sitio web. Por ejemplo: el idioma, la zona horaria, el contenido mejorado.
  • Cookies no clasificadas. Las cookies no clasificadas son cookies que no pertenecen a ninguna otra categoría o están en proceso de categorización.


Banfi S.r.l. places fundamental importance on your personal privacy. Banfi S.r.l. takes all steps to protect the personal information of the users. Optimal service is possible when we can assure that the user is aware of and understands the norms and criteria adopted for our privacy policy. The criteria used by Banfi S.r.l. regarding personal information are as follows:
Why personal information is collected?
Banfi S.r.l. gathers and uses personal information of the users to guarantee optimal service and to facilitate access to a broad range of products and services. Furthermore, the personal information is used to keep every user updated on new offerings and other information that Banfi S.r.l. believe may be useful to the user. Furthermore, personal information could be used to contact the user to invite the user to participate in eventual market research that allows us to both evaluate the level of user satisfaction and to develop superior products.
How personal information is collected
Information about our users is collected in different ways. For example, information that can be used to contact the user can be requested when that person writes to Banfi S.r.l., telephones to ask about a service, or participates in an online poll. Furthermore, when a person subscribes to the internet service of Banfi S.r.l. or to the mailing list, they provide information that is then collected and filed within a secure database.
When personal information is revealed
It can become necessary to reveal personal data of the client by law or in the course of legal proceedings or other situations in the public interest.
How personal information is protected
Banfi S.r.l. protects the security of information sent by people using physical, electronic and managerial methods. Banfi S.r.l. invites its users to take the necessary steps to protect their personal data on the Internet. Banfi S.r.l. suggests that users often change their password, using a combination of letters and numbers, and relying solely on secure browsers.

Access to personal information
The user can, at any time, access information regarding themselves. To review and update personal information that Banfi S.r.l. has gathered, please contact
Collection of personal information
It is possible to navigate the websites of Banfi S.r.l. anonymously. In any case, the browser automatically comunicates the type of computer and operating system used.

Like many other websites, Banfi S.r.l. uses "cookie" technology. The first time a user connects to the site, their cookies identify the browser with a random and unique number. The cookies used do not reveal any information of a personal nature to the user, including first names that could be used to welcome the user on their next visit. The cookies help us understand what part of the website the users visit more frequently, which are the paths used by the clients, and how long they remain connected. The cookies are used to study the traffic patterns of the Banfi S.r.l. websites in order to improve their functionality.