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2018 20 Июнь


The show that combines international stars and excellent wines is back from July 12 to 22
This is the 2018 edition of Jazz&Wine in Montalcino: a parade of stars in the territory of Brunello
The 21st edition of the festival organized with the collaboration between the Banfi winery, the Rubei family of the Alexanderplatz in Rome and the Municipality of Montalcino

A parade of stars in the territory of Brunello: from July 12 to 22 Jazz&Wine in Montalcino, the festival that combines the excellence of the jazz music together with high quality wines is back with an unmissable calendar.

In the wonderful town of Montalcino (Siena), some of the most international appreciated jazz musicians will give new life to one of the most long-lasting and well known shows in the Italian music scene that comes from the collaboration between the Banfi winery, the Rubei family of the Alexanderplatz in Rome and the Municipality of Montalcino.

An exciting preview on Thursday 12 July with DAYNA STEPHENS GROUP, protagonist of the extraordinary "Waiting for Jazz & Wine" concert, which, as usual, will take place inside the walls of Castello Banfi.
Saxophonist and composer among the most esteemed of the new generation, Dayna Stephens returns to Italy with a stellar group that sees Taylor Eigsti (piano), Michał Barański (d.bass) and Greg Hutchinson (drums) and proposes an enchanting show, where the acoustic sound blends with the electronic.

Tuesday, July 17, the festival opens at Castello Banfi with the lively and captivating sound of the "contemporary jazz" of the DIRTY SIX, the group who sees together an ensemble of the best offered by Italian jazz in recent years: Daniele Scannapieco (sax), Claudio Filippini (piano), Lorenzo Tucci (drums), Tommaso Scannapieco (bass), Gianfranco Campagnoli (trumpet) and Roberto Schiano (trombone).

The appointment with the Jazz & Wine Orchestra, directed by Mario Corvini, will take place on Wednesday, July 18th in the Fortress of Montalcino with a great international guest. The energetic big band of nearly 20 elements created to celebrate the marriage of wine and jazz, which has made this festival famous in the world, will host the Argentine saxophonist and composer Javier Girotto for an exhibition of a wonderful jazz tango show.
A bet won by the Jazz&Wine Orchestra: among the very first to believe in a project like this, today the orchestra, which has won the SIAE award, is present in the best national festivals and is a resident orchestra at the Montalcino festival since 2015.

Thursday 19 July the first of the two main famous international events to which Jazz & Wine is familiar with: on stage the elegance, charisma and energy of Billy Hart Quartet ft Joshua Redman.
Joshua Redman, one of the most acclaimed artists on the international jazz scene, considered among the most important saxophonists in the world, goes on stage with the trio of drummer Billy Hart, American jazz legend, giving life to a real all- stars band, with Ethan Iverson at the piano, and Ben Street at the bass. An absolutely must-see event.

In the desire to celebrate the best Italian jazz, the festival offers "Around Gershwin" the show that Friday, July 20 sees on stage Giovanni Tommaso (c.bass), Rita Marcotulli (piano), two interpreters who have collaborated with international stars, accompanied by Alessandro Paternesi (drums). The trio will create a fascinating appointment with a repertoire dedicated to famous standards by George Gershwin and some original compositions by Giovanni Tommaso.

The festival continues Saturday, July 21 with "In Motion Beat", the band that brings together musicians from five different countries and takes the best of the New York melting pot to Europe, cities where they have been living and working for years. The sound of the group represents the heterogeneous cultural background of the musicians that compose it and that are Eleni Arapoglou (vocals), Erin Bentlage (vocals), Daniel Rotem (saxophone), Mike Bono (guitar), Christian Li (piano), Luca Alemanno (bass), Roberto Giaquinto (drums).

Grand finale on Sunday 22nd July with the other great international star of this edition. Christian McBride's New Jawn arrives at the Montalcino Fortress.
McBride is one of the most influential and respected musicians of the contemporary music world. Winner of five Grammy Awards took part in the recording of more than 300 discs of any kind.
His contrabass is the pillar on which the balance of countless bands has rested. With him Josh Evans (trumpet), Marcus Strickland (saxophone) and Nasheet Waits (drums).

All the Jazz & Wine in Montalcino concerts will start at 21.45.

Information, reservations and tickets
Proloco Montalcino, 0577 849331/348 8855416 - info@prolocomontalcino.com

Banfi 0577 840111 - marketing@banfi.it (also reservations for the concerts at Castello Banfi)

Information and reservations


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