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2006 12 July


Stefano di Battista, Fabrizio Bosso, Flavio Boltro, Alex Sipiagin e Sarah Jane Morris


Castello Banfi Again Takes Leading Role in 9th edition of "Jazz and Wine in Montalcino" (July 12-23 2006)


July 12th marks the opening of the ninth edition of “Jazz & Wine in Montalcino,” a noted concert series promoted by Jazz & Image of Rome, the Castello Banfi winery, and the Town of Montalcino. Concerts will take place in two impressive venues this year; once again in the imposing medieval fortress of Montalcino located in the heart of the city known for its Brunello, and for the third time at the historic Castello Banfi, located just 7 miles out of town and crowning the rolling hills of the renowned vineyard estate by the same name.


A range of rich and diverse concerts will reflect the various interpretations of jazz, a sign of the genre’s popularity. Significant musicians from the international scene will perform, with a notable presence of Italian artists.


The festival begins July 12 and will take place just inside the evocative walls of Castello Banfi, where the eclectic guitarist Francisco Bruno performing, with his Mediterranean, trio. On July 13 July, the festival moves to the splendid fourteenth century Fortress of Montalcino with an exceptional pair of artists—an encounter between the trumpet of Fabrizio Bosso and the Brazilian guitar of the great Irio de Paula. July 14 sees the sax of Piero Odorici with the Massive Groove Septet. On Saturday July 15, Flavio Boltro, one of the most sensitive trumpeters on European jazz scene, performs with the Trio Elettriko. The first week ends with the Russian born trumpeter Alex “Sasha” Sipiagin and his quintet. Sipiagin is one of the most interesting virtuosos of the last generation. The second week of the festival begins on the July 20 with the Angelo Schiavi quintet and special guest Vincent Benedetti. On July 21, the Iodice Trio Special Project performs featuring Dick Oats and Tommy Smith. On July 22, the festival features the quartet of the greatest Roman saxophonist, Stefano Di Battista. Finally, the festival comes to a close on July 23 with the “scratching” voice of Sarah Jane Morris, who after and absence of four years, and by popular demand, returns to perform in Montalcino.


Another great lineup to celebrate the encounter between two of life’s greatest pleasures: jazz music and quality wine.


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